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  • New Lunch Payment System

    Posted by Tammy Wagner at 6/21/2017
    All parent payments are now to be routed through the PayForIt (Payschools) portal.
    It is live and working.  Every 2 hours the payments will sync and be applied to DASL and Meals Plus Automatically.
    Parent's are still responsible for the 3.5% convenience charge if they pay online, but now we can accept credit cards in person through the PASS screen without an additional credit card fee. 
    Parent documentation has been made and is currently available on the website under:
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  • Safe Routes to School Grant Received!

    Posted by Tammy Wagner at 6/20/2017

    We just received a phone call from Beth Clark with ODOT. She said that Carey Schools and the Village of Carey was awarded $306,221 in grant funding for the Safe Routes to Schools application. The improvements that will be made will include all of the projects we asked for, including the bike/sidewalks through the park from Patterson, lighting along the new walkways, connecting the two sections of Snyder Park with a bike/sidewalk, lighting along the Blue Devil parkway through the park, improvements to the intersection of South St. and Glenn Ave, and improvements to the signage and crosswalks along four intersections along Vance St. In short, everything we asked for, we received!

    Carey Safe Routes To School Funding Notice

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  • Summer Fun Camp

    Posted by Tammy Wagner at 6/20/2017

    Students are enjoying the Summer Fun Camps this year.

    So far we have had Days of Code, EZ Science, and Yoga for Learning.

    We still have spots for our sewing class and hope to see all of you soon at Library Fun Day.

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  • Mosquitoe Information for Families

    Posted by Tammy Wagner at 6/19/2017

    Educational materials about mosquitoes available for students and families


    In Ohio, mosquitoes are most active from May through October. Most are not major carriers of diseases. In fact, only a few of the 59 species of mosquitoes in Ohio can transmit disease. But the diseases these mosquitoes can carry are serious, including West Nile virus and several strains of encephalitis.
    The most effective way to prevent mosquito-borne diseases is to prevent mosquito bites. The Ohio Department of Health is offering educational materials to help Ohioans “fight the bite.” Download a children’s coloring book, youth poster on tick and mosquito bites, and other literature and educational materials

    Ohio Department of Health - Mosquitoe Information

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  • Fidget Spinner Advice

    Posted by Tammy Wagner at 6/12/2017

    1 Akron Children’s Hospital’s Sarah Groves, a clinical counselor and mental health therapist, offers the following tips for parents whose kids want a spinner or other type of fidget.

    • Parents should explicitly create rules for using fidgets.

    • Rules should include not taunting peers, not hurting others, not throwing, etc.

    • The rules should be reviewed often until the child demonstrates understanding.

    • If your child struggles with using the fidget appropriately, keep reviewing rules and practicing.

    • A common mistake is that parents or teachers take the fidgets away indefinitely when they are misused. While this removes the immediate problem, the child does not learn the skill of using a fidget and is ultimately still fidgety.

    • Parents should introduce the fidget in a controlled environment (during homework or in the car); this gives the child the ability to practice using the fidget and following the rules, and decreases some of the novelty before introducing it to the classroom or other situations in which there is less structure or supervision.

    — Craig Webb

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  • Summer Reading and Camp Resources

    Posted by Tammy Wagner at 6/5/2017

    Summer Reading Resources:

    Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Journal


    Area Summer Camps:

    Summer Camps @ OSU Mansfield

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