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Carey Elementary School  

357 E. South St.

Carey, Ohio  43316


Week of July 14, 2014 - Message from Ms. Wagner
What a wonderful Friday last week. Thank you all. We had a wonderful bunch of people stop out and enjoy the Groundbreaking ceremony. The speeches were heartfelt. The band sounded great. Anyone who wanted to could toss a shovel-full of dirt and snap
a photo. It was a beautiful day. How exciting to see all of those earth movers and large equipment behind the large mound of dirt!
PTT provided the balloons for the balloon launch through Greenbriar.
Groundbreaking Groundbreaking Groundbreaking Groundbreaking  
Also, when I am checking in on Tuesdays and Wednesdays....and sometimes Fridays...and :)
Most of the messages relate to enrolling students. I have left several enrollment papers and information for
specific individuals with Mrs. Lesa Hyatt in the superintendent's office across from the auditorium. You can also
stop in the office and see me on Tuesday or download enrollment papers from this website following this tab sequence: Schools, Elementary, Enrollment (on the left-hand side of the screen).  Mrs. Groves will be back in the office starting Monday, August 4, 2014.
With regards to students' Ohio Achievement Assessment results (OAA), I am still waiting for parent-reports from the state. Once we
receive those we can mail them out to families. I do have the scores from the state as I downloaded them from the state website, but the
information is in a spreadsheet format and not suitable for mass distribution due to confidentiality safeguards.
Week of June 12, 2014 - Message from Ms. Wagner
There are a lot of exciting things happening in Carey this month from garage sales to community events. Be sure
to check out the Library Fun Day this coming Tuesday, June 17th from 1:00 - 4:00 pm. Parents and members of
our school PTT organization will be on hand to share fun ideas to keep the summer interesting and the kids learning at
home.  Here is a fun science experiment you can try at home.
Be careful and do with adult supervision.  Have fun! (More ideas at:

Fit an egg in a bottle with this science experiment!


Ever wonder at a ship in a bottle?  Try fitting an egg in a bottle! 

Kids love doing the impossible.  And watching an egg fit into a bottle that it shouldn’t be able to fit into is a lot of fun.

What you need:
  • Hard-boiled egg
  • Plastic or glass bottle with an opening slightly smaller than the egg
  • Large bowl of hot water
  • Large bowl of ice water
What you do:
  1. Warm the bottle in the bowl of hot water.
  2. Stand the bottle up in the bowl of ice water.
  3. Wet the egg and put in point side down in the opening of the bottle.

Slowly, slowly then pop! The egg is sucked into the bottle as the air inside cools.

Why does it work?

Hot air expands and as it cools, it wants to pull more air inside the bottle to fill the space. But the egg is in the way, so it gets sucked into the bottle.

Week of June 9, 2014 - Message from Ms. Wagner
Summer school has begun and students are working hard to review reading materials and develop reading
Headset Jacoby  
Week of June 2, 2014 - Message from Ms. Wagner:
We had a great end of year awards program. Another big thank you to our parents, students, and staff.
It was a great year with 150 awards total distributed.
A special note: Mrs. Babb's first grade families - be sure to check out the wonderful pictures on her end of year
DVD that she sent home with students. What a great keepsake full of fun-filled memories!
Last day 2014  Shoes/Bridge
Please be sure to stop by the office to pay any remaining school fees, add money to lunch accounts, return
school pictures or library books. We also still have several items in the lost and found as well as some books
to give away.
Week of May 26, 2014 - Message from Ms. Wagner:
I want to wish all of the graduates a big Congratulations!  This week the classrooms have continued to learn
despite the heat and humidity. Mrs. DeAmicis's class made wonderful notecards for her annual memory book.
Mrs. Roszman's class worked on powerpoints. And the entire second grade went on a field trip around the town.
Memory   fire
Week of May 19, 2014 - Message from Ms. Wagner:
A big thank you goes to our parents, staff, students, and community members for another wonderful field day.  
Special thanks to Kiwanis Club of Carey for the great lunch! 
Great job fourth graders on your recorder concert Thursday night! Also grades 5 and 6 for band. Be sure to check
out those summer lessons with Mr. Miller and return your forms so you can keep improving. 
There are many class picnics and field trips going on
both this and next week, please be certain to dress your children appropriately for the weather each day. Also, be
sure to check out kids' book bags for notes and messages from the teachers.
Here we are on Thursday with Mrs. Rozman's third graders completing their research reports.
Grade 3 Research Reports  Kindergarten Field Day







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