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Carey Elementary School
357 E. South Street   Carey, Ohio  43316
Telephone: 419.396.6767   Fax: 419.396.3158



  • Thanksgiving Happenings

    Posted by Tammy Wagner at 11/24/2014
    As we begin this holiday season, I wanted to share how thankful I am for a great staff, wonderful students, and a supportive community. On this blustery Monday morning it is comforting to think of all the people that have touched our lives and the lives of our students. For example, I had the opportunity to watch the play, "The Babysitter's Nightmare," last week. It was such a treat to see how our former elementary students have grown up and what bright futures they have ahead of them.
    I hope that some of you will take the opportunity to stop by the school on Tuesday from noon to 7pm. An artshow with refreshments and face painting will be taking place in the Laird room. Also, our library is holding a Scholastic bookfair - great gifts. Finally, our teachers will be holding parent conferences throughout the building. Hope to see you there.
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  • BRRR! Today's Food Pantry Delivery

    Posted by Tammy Wagner at 11/19/2014
    Today's food pantry delivery came through with the help of Mr. Lenny Orians and Mr. Stan Stombaugh - our heroes! In years past the second graders have always walked to the food pantry to deliver their donated canned and boxed goods. Today, however, it was too cold. Mr. Orians and Mr. Stombaugh arranged for a bus to transport second graders and their goods to the food pantry just in time for Thanksgiving.  Thank you!
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  • Scholastic Bookfair has arrived!

    Posted by Tammy Wagner at 11/13/2014
    Our scholastic bookfair books have just arrived. Students will be able to browse and purchase books next week starting on Tuesday, November 25th.
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    On Tuesday, November 25th the 4th and 5th grade fundraiser items will be delivered to our school. There are many perishable items that need refrigerated. Please stop by the school from 9am to 4pm to pick up these items. Items will be in the hallway in front of the auditorium. 
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