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Blue Devil Pride

  District & State Competitors
            (1976 - present)
1976 --- Randy Myers
1977 --- Randy Myers
1978 --- Randy Myers                 
1979 --- Randy Myers     [3rd at Sectionals as a team]
            Bill Norton                                      
            Troy Driggers
            Tom Lang
            Kevin Miller / Lance Kromer
1980 --- Aaron Donelson
1981 --- Aaron Donelson
1982 --- Aaron Donelson
1983 --- Bryan Stoops     [3rd at Sectionals as a team]
            Chris Myers
            Keith O'Flaherty
            Mark Underwood
            Eric Miller
1984 --- Bryan Stoops
1985 --- Bryan Stoops * (state qualifier)
1990 --- Marty Stoops     [3rd at Sectionals as a team]
            Terry Stoops
            Peter Beck
            Greg Tiell
            Chris Jacoby
1997 --- Scott Doran
2000 --- Richard O'Reilly
2001 --- Jacob Beck
2004 --- Trevor Hackworth     [3rd at Sectionals as a team]
            Derek Kromer
            Adam Schmitz
            Chad Stief
            Lewis Walter
2006 --- Jay Hahler
2007 --- Jay Hahler
            Adam Schmitz
2008 --- Jay Hahler     [3rd at Sectionals as a team]
            Trace Thompson
            Nick Nusbaum
            Tom Christy
            Zach Baker
2011 --- Corbin Blair [2nd place individual at Sectionals]
2012 ---Corbin Blair & Lincoln Stansberry [1st and 4th respectively at Sectionals]
2015---Alex Kimmet [3rd at Sectionals as a team]
                  Marcus Miller
                  Trey Bame
                  Chase Wagner
                  Easton Roark 
 2016---Marcus Miller [2nd at Sectionals as a team]
                  Trey Bame
                  Alex Kimmet
                  Easton Roark
                  Chase Wagner 
Multiple District Qualifiers include:
            4 timer --- Randy Myers
            3 timer --- Aaron Donelson
            3 timer --- Bryan Stoops
            3 timer --- Jay Hahler
            2 timer --- Adam Schmitz, Corbin Blair, Marcus Miller, Trey Bame, Alex Kimmet, Easton Roark, & Chase Wagner
The Blue Devils have had 7 district qualifying teams and a  
     total of 53 individuals who have been district qualifiers
The Blue Devils have had 1 state qualifier, Bryan Stoops,
     who finished 6th in the state tournament in 1985. (scored 152 at Gray Course in Columbus)